Funding Wildlife Conservation and Social Elevation Projects.
Funding Nature Conservation projects.

Ashirvadam, which connotes blessing in myriad languages, is a not-for-profit charitable Trust(NGO) that lays emphasis on environmental protection and preservation and aims at the social elevation of the underprivileged. The areas of social expertise include environmental welfare for women and children, community health, and our service offerings transcend race, religion, caste and creed.

As a responsible NGO- Ashirvadam, strives to provide education, skill trainings and employment opportunities leading to a better quality of life to the underprivileged. We ensure environment restoration by funding wildlife protection, forest conservation and other stewardship projects with a vision to alter the social typography of our nation. Ashirvadam believes in lending its support to any worthy cause that promises to create an impact and take us a step closer to our vision. We provide funds and donations to social welfare organisations, NGOs and individuals working collaboratively or individually towards any social cause

Training & Employment

Assistance to the Underprivileged : Employment

India’s real development can only be achieved by uplifting the underprivileged. Ashirvadam from a NGO’s perspective strives to uplift the underprivileged by providing vocational training and assistance for better employment.                    

Indian Wildlife & Nature Conservation

Wildlife & Nature Conservation Activities by Ashirvadam

Ashirvadam as a caring NGO aims to protect Indian forests and wildlife by undertaking nature conservation activities through funding of NGOs and individuals, ensuring we leave behind a better environment for the coming generations.

Health & Education

Assistance to the Underprivileged: Medical & Education

We believe education and health are the most important aspects for a nation’s social transformation. Ashiravadam takes the responsibility of providing financial assistance for education and health care to the really deserving.