We Care For The World & Support With Funds & Grants

Ashirvadam is committed to support and provide funds for NGOs, social welfare organizations and individuals who work for and are committed to environment preservation, wildlife protection, development or training to the under privileged, education and employment/ placement activities.

General Guidelines for Project Proposal

  • Project to be based in any of the 4 southern states.
  • Projects will be selected by an expert panel based on expected impact.
  • Initial proposal not to exceed 3 A4 pages. Upon short listing, the panel may ask for additional information.
  • Research projects are eligible.
  • Payments will be made directly by Ashirvadam Trust to the project and will not be routed through or reimbursed to the selected organization.
  • Supplementary funding can be considered after successful implementation of the first project.
  • Last date of receipt of proposals will be 31st July 2015.
  • Decision of the trust is final.

Please send your proposals to gagan.pathik@ashirvadam.com / daviskaredan@ashirvadam.com

For any clarifications, please e-mail: gagan.pathik@ashirvadam.com / daviskaredan@ashirvadam.com

Please Note: Telephonic requests will not be entertained.

The proposal synopsis should not exceed more than 3 A4 pages. We would ask for more information if required.