Nature Conservation: Re-Forestation & Tree Plantation.

Growing and maintaining Earth’s Green cover has gained importance in view of the degradation of forests resulting due to large scale growth and expansion of cities and other development projects across the globe. We need to take responsibility of nature’s restoration to avoid dreadful consequences for the entire life support system. Conservation and sustainable development of forests is essential to meet the socio-economic and environmental needs of today and tomorrow. Ashirvadam has taken the initiative to support the cause by collaborating with following NGOs and providing financial and logistic support:-

1. Junglescapes Charitable Trust a Bangalore based NGO : Community project managing reforestation of degraded  forest reserves adjoining Bandipur National Park in Karnataka, India and takes initiatives like:

  • Supporting 35000 natural juvenile plants through rain water harvesting trenches.
  • Creating 10 water bodies consisting of small check dams and stone ponds (Kal Keres).
  • Planting 5000 saplings of native species.
  • Carrying out seed ball / dibbling activities of appropriate native species and mulching of plants post monsoon.  View Report


2. International Association for Human Values: NGO based at Geneva is partnered with Art of Living for the rejuvenation of the Kumdavati River and has been providing guards, water and protection since 8 months for 666 trees near Bangalore. View Report

3. Last Wilderness Foundation a NGO based at Mumbai creates awareness among local village children for preserving nature and wildlife. Covering more than 900 children at Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve at MP India. View Report